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We have put together answers to the most commonly asked questions by our customers, click on the question to reveal the answer.


Where can I buy your beer?

Ask your local independent bottle shop or we sell to a lot of UK based supermarkets, try the beer isle at the biggest supermarket you can find locally. 

Do you do brewery tours?

No, we are not set-up to deal with visitors currently. However we may build a visitors center in the future.

USA Distribution

We have not exported to the USA in a number of years due to growing domestic demand. We hope to return someday once we can produce more beer and secure a USA import partner.

Is Caesar Augustus Gluten Free?

Although when we have tested Caesar it has always fallen below the GF threshold we do not test every batch and hence it is not certified Gluten Free. 

We hope to work towards certifying it in GF in the long run, but we are not there as yet as. We do not state it is GF for these reasons, nor to we tell customers or stockists it is GF. 

Do you do a hop free beer?

Our Ginger Beer contains no hops. Our recipes for Fraoch & Alba traditionally contained no hops, however we still add a tiny 'token handful' of hops to the beer, this for some bitterness & to ensure the brew is categorised as a 'beer' in all the beer markets rather than for flavour.

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