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The Scorpion & The Frog

It's the first new beer of 2017 for us here in Alloa, born out of a very happy accident we have created an all new high octane (8.9%) monster of a beer entitled "The Scorpion & The Frog" 


Thanks to a serendipitous cock-up by a near flawless member of our brew team some rogue dark malts & oats found their way into a brew of our esteemed Double Joker IPA.

The lovely mahogany brown liquid which ran out of the mash was just crying out to be the "eureka" moment of a new (& yet to be adopted by anyone else) style of beer. A "Mid Atlantic Brown Ale" because the colour, strength and maltiness are classic of a Scotch Ale but the hops are all North America. Stick a pin in the map in between Scotland/Belgium and the USA.

The cans will be ready for dispatch sometime next week.