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Streamlining Your Supply

We are glad that you're all heeding the government guidelines and supporting the NHS by staying at home wherever possible. We also cannot emphasise how much we appreciate your support as a small business in these trying times. Everyone is having to adapt and this is the same for our online offering until we can all get through these very strange times.

Due to overwhelming demand, we have had to put a pause on our online sales at times to catch up on orders. However we are back with a new lean, mean, shipping machine format. This should hopefully allow us to keep the shop online more often whilst getting the beer to your door in a timeous and tasty manner!

Our single item pick 'n' mix has been hugely popular however it has unfortunately been the main logjam within our online store. So for the time being, we will be switching up to 6, 12 & 24 packs with a selection of carefully preselected mixed bundles. Don't worry though... as you can still pair up and combine them for shipping as before.

The shop will be back online by this Friday (3rd April) and we will endeavour to get stuff out the door as quickly as possible. However due to the increased demand and current situation, things are taking a little longer, especially after a backlog of weekend orders. Please bear with us, we promise we are moving as fast as we can!

In the meantime please meet the two new mixed selections joining the shop this week: 

Tallboy Selection


One of each of our current tallboy range of cans - Including the new Totemic range. Best paired with Blancmange's "Living on the Ceiling" on the stereo.

  • 1 x Joker IPA (50cl)
  • 1 x Craft Lager (44cl)
  • 1 x Che Guava (50cl)
  • 1 x Tin Man (50cl)
  • 1 x Chokka Blokka (50cl)
  • 1 x Talking Head (50cl)

Two Of Six

TWO OF SIX - £21.95

Two of each of our top 6 sellers. Makes a great gift or perfect excuse to host your very own beer tasting for two at home.

  • 2 x Joker IPA (50cl)
  • 2 x Caesar Augustus (50cl)
  • 2 x Birds & Bees (50cl)
  • 2 x Seven Giraffes (50cl)
  • 2 x Fraoch - Heather Ale (50cl)
  • 2 x March Of The Penguins (50cl)


You can see full info on our current process & terms on our ordering info page.