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SIBA & Scottish Beer Awards

It's been a busy couple of months up here in Alloa, with lots of new equipment & site improvements happening. With all that going on we had almost forgotten to mention some of the awards we picked up recently. 

Society Of Independent Brewers (SIBA) awards: 

  • Caesar Augustus  - Silver (Small Pack Standard Lager & Pilsners)
  • Midnight Sun - Bronze (Small Pack Specialty Mid to Dark Beers)
  • Pavlov's Dog - Silver (Small Pack Standard Bitters & Pale Ales)
  • Pavlov's Dog - Silver (Cask Best Bitter & Ales)
  • Williams Black - Silver (Cask Standard Milds & Brown Ales)

Scottish Beer Awards: 

  • Birds & Bees - Silver (Pale Ales)
  • Caesar Augustus  - Bronze (Lager or Pilsners)
  • Midnight Sun - Bronze (Porter)

Sadly no golds in there, but still certainly plenty of awards to be proud of non the less!