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Seven Giraffes… Cans!

After much anticipation we have finally commissioned our new canner and canned our very first batch of beer!

It was an exciting moment for us, watching the cans rinse as twist down the railings…

…into the the machine, where they are purged with CO2 & filled…

…then lids are applied, seamed and the freshness sealed in.

And TA-DA! Our first canned beer! Seven Giraffes, an old favourite, probably not what you were expecting us to can first however there will be others to follow. As far as we can tell (correct us if we are wrong) this is even a first for Alloa, Scotland's old brew capital. A beer born, brewed & canned in Alloa for enjoyment the world over.

This was just a short first run to install the machine however bigger runs will follow in the future. The first batch is making it's way out into the wild as I type. Early sitings have been at the following: Valhalla's Goat, The Cave, Inn Deep, V Deep, Cornelius, The Beer Hive, Billington's of Lenzie & even some to Nelson Savin (in Northern Ireland) and to The Junkyard (Nottingham). We shall update as we hear where else it's spotted.