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Sapien (7.5%)

Ever since the launch of our Totemic range of cans we have been thinking about what beers to add to the range next. We've had a few ideas for some higher ABV beers that we wanted to release in large tins. The first of which is available now!


"With a primal scream we pitch the Kveik yeast to make the beer strong and ward off evil spirits. This crazy, hazy Double IPA is loaded with US hops and has layers of bitter orange & citrus that give way to the freshness of spruce needles & pine shoots. Big, bold, bitter & resinous".

SAPIEN (7.5%)

MALTS: - Pale Malt, Wheat, Rye, Caramalt. 

HOPS: - Magnum, Cascade, Ekuanot, Citra. 

EXTRAS: - Spruce Sprigs & Pine Shoots. 

YEAST: – Kveik (Sigmond Voss).