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Irregular Sleep Pattern

Something a little different from us this week. Many of you will be familiar with our design & the last few year in particular have seen some very strong branding, including the refresh of our 50cl labels and addition of our Totemic range. All the design has been carried out by our long serving Creative Director Mil Stricevic. Mil & his partner have set up a new enterprise, it looks fantastic and we're happy to spread the word about it. 

Irregular Sleep Pattern

Bedding & Sleepwear for Sartorial Extroverts.

Irregular Sleep Pattern is an independent brand of bedding and pyjama suits for socially minded sartorialists. 

Run by Jolene and Mil in Glasgow, Scotland, their ambition for Irregular Sleep Pattern is to make fabulous and durable products in a way that is ethical and with the lowest possible environmental impact so that we can all feel good living with Irregular Sleep Pattern. 

Jolene & Mil

They love fashion, but not so much the fashion business, in particular the cyclical nature which causes so much waste. Excellent in any season, their prints are designed by Mil, sometimes in collaboration with other artists, and will be refreshed when they feel like it, rather than dictated by the whims of the established fashion calendar. The products are manufactured in Portugal using certified organic cotton in small factories by fairly paid makers.

The Range

Mil played bass for ten years before studying product design at Glasgow School of Art and the Royal College of Art. He now teaches part time at GSA and runs his own design practice. Jolene played fiddle in ceilidh bands from the age of 13, graduating to pop bands in Glasgow, and is a former arts television producer. They live in Glasgow with their 4 teenage daughters, dog & a cat.

The family.

Their Kickstarter is live now, check it out here!