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Grand Central IPL – Break For The Border…

We have entered into a brewing and distribution collaboration with LWC; The UK’s largest independent drinks wholesaler.

Together we have developed Grand Central IPL, which is now available through their network of 13 depots: -  https://www.lwc-drinks.co.uk/contact/

This brew is exclusive to LWC and means that for the first time there is the potential for any bar in the country to access Williams Bros Draught Beer through our ever expanding network of distribution partners. 

New draught installs of this product can receive a free 30L Keg after purchasing 2 x 30L Kegs plus there is branded glassware available upon request.

All new install requests should go through your local LWC serving depot. If you call 0845 425 125 from a landline you will automatically be directed to your nearest depot.  

Other Williams Bros beers available through LWC include:

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