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Foraging Sheriffmuir

Last week we took a wee jaunt up to Sheriffmuir to check on the Heather, Bogmyrtle and other forageable ingredients that grow across the hills by our brewery. It's good to report that the Heather has recovered from the invasion of the pesky heather beattle (Lochmaea Suturalis) a few years ago. I snapped a few photos and we also filmed some great footage with a drone that we can't wait to show you all in a new video very soon!

Above: A busy-busy bumble bee pollinating some Ling Heather.

Above: Bell Heather.

Above: Patches of Blaeberries growing amongst the heather. We asked our team of pickers about picking enough to brew a beer with and they just laughed... i guess that's a no then.

Above: Picked some fresh Blaeberries & Bogmyrtle for experimenting with.