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Expansion Aspirations

We have been operating out of our current site in Kelliebank since taking over the old Forth Brewery in 2004. Over this time we have added loads of new equipment & tanks, gradually taken over the whole warehouse & squeezed just about as much beer out of our original 40 bbl brewhouse as we can. We are now starting to get to a stage where we are beginning to run out of space.

We have finally found site here in Alloa where we hope too build a dream new brewery in the future, this is very much a long term plan, however in the interim we have plenty of plans in motion to maximise production here in our current site so we continue to grow organically. 

Our dream for growth is not completely self oriented either, with so many other Scottish brewers growing and needing the facilities to expand we hope to increase our contract packaging & brewing operation also, helping our peers continue to grow & have access to facilities that would otherwise involve massive investments, overheads & steep learning curves.

We won't go into too much detail about what to expect in the year ahead, this would become a very long post and things change very quickly around here. I shall however keep you updated with the various goings on over the year as they happen & are confirmed.