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Club Range

Starting off life as The White Label series (as any good underground label should), experimenting with styles and hop profiles, the next 3 beers in our craft collaboration odyssey with Aldi quickly developed into an homage to the club-scenes that have defined generations: From Disco, through Northern Soul to Acid House & Indie, we were inspired by the music and tribal nature of the fan bases that kept the floors filled. We wanted to reflect that joy and connectivity in our 'Club Range'...   

Studio 54 IPA (5.5%) - Celebrating the classic era of Disco; Studio 54 pours golden and glittering and struts with with a hop forward profile, delivered by Magnum for bittering, Citra and Chinook in the whirlpool and a hop rocket addition of Simcoe.

Hacienda PA (4.8%) - "The Hacienda Must Be Brewed" - Inspired by the music of Factory Records, we give you Pales 'n' Ales & Hoppy Haze: With a whirlpool addition of Southern Cross and a hop rocket infusion of Mosaic in the cold tank, this beer is a citrus & peach pleasure bomb.

Golden Torch SPA (3.9%) - Keep The Faith with this Soul Boy Session Pale Ale; brewed with banging blend of malts to bring a bit of body & sweetness to your spins & flips. Low bitterness is offset with accents of spice & citrus from Cascade & Ekuanot Hops.