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Benno & Rubus

We are very pleased to have teamed up with the lovely folks at Aldi Scotland to create some more special beers. Many of you will have had some of our previous Aldi collaborative lines, such as; Perfect Storm, Iconic, Re#Dial or Golden Ratio. This time we have teamed up to create two products in can format. 

"Why cans?" some may ask... we know not everyone is a fan of canned beer, many associate them with macro brews of yesteryear, but there are many benefits to canned beer. Not only is the can more environmentally friendly due to the fact it is infinitely recyclable, lighter to ship (& hence more volume to a pallet), it also is incredibly good for the beer inside, keeping all that nasty oxygen & UV light out, keeping the contents in pristine condition.  

BENNO - Craft Lager (4.4%)

"Benno is a crisp & refreshing craft lager named after the Bavarian 'father' of modern brewing, Benno Scharl (1741-1812) who is credited with the first use of the term "Lagering": a process of cool fermentation followed by a period of maturation in cold storage. You're welcome... Prost!"

RUBUS - Grapefruit IPA (5.5%)

"Rubus is a classic IPA, hopped with some our our favourite American hops & enhanced by a natural burst of grapefruit flavour - refreshing & bitter to the end!"