Midnight Sun

About Midnight Sun

An instant classic: Our spiced porter, pours as black as the Midnight Sun and is created from a blend of malted barley, oats, roast barley, chocolate malt then balanced with a generous helping of hops. An after bite of fresh root ginger elevates this ale to another level. The flavours are as paradoxical as the name.

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Beer Information


  • ABV:
  • OG: 1058
  • Malts: British Pale Ale Malt, Oats, Roast Barley, Chocolate Malt
  • Hops: First Gold, Fuggles
  • Additional Ingredients: Ginger

Tasting Notes

  • Taste: Coffee, Roast Malt, Spice, Ginger, Honey, Chocolate
  • Colour: Black, Rich Dark Brown
  • Smell: Coffee, Biscuits, Caramel, Sweet Licourice, Toasted Malts, Ginger, Spice

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Beer Reviews

Scott (not verified), 22 June 2014
absolutely beautiful, as specially after drinking a few lagers, open a bottle of this magic tastes ridiculously enjoyable slips doon the throat so gentle and tasteful it leaves you disappointed they weren't sold as a 6 pack