About Alba

A traditional Highland recipe, popular in Northern Scotland until the end of the 19th Century. This "triple" style ale is spiced with sprigs of spruce and pine, harvested in the spring and brewed with only a small token handful of hops . Break out the goblets and pour with abandon. Rich, tawny and best enjoyed at Room temperature.

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  • ABV:
  • OG: 1075
  • IBU's: 13
  • Malts: British Pale Ale Malt, Crystal Malt, Malted Wheat
  • Hops: First Gold
  • Additional Ingredients: Pine, Spruce, Bog Myrtle

Tasting Notes

  • Taste: Sweet Caramel, Fruity, Piney, Earthy
  • Colour: Deep Orange, Amber, Slight Haze
  • Smell: Pine, Sap Forrest, Woody, Slightly Sweet Malt, Honey

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Beer Reviews

Ryan Hutchinson (not verified), 06 May 2012
This beer is unique and wonderful, the flavour is rch and deep with a smooth drinkability and slightly delayed pine finish. I only had one as it was in thehistorical ales 4 pack. I served it at the suggested temperature. A real winner!